Denver Begins Recycling Foam Containers

Alpine Waste and Recycling officially began accepting foam containers for recycling, becoming the first company in the Denver area to do so. Alpine Waste has adopted a new technology, thanks to a $45,000 grant from the Food Packaging Institute, which allows it to compress foam containers into bricks, making them easily transportable and recyclable. This is a very important step for large cities such as Denver, where the support of recycling companies helps consumers and business owners continue to use their disposable foam products.

The installation of Alpine Waste’s new machinery was part of the recent expansion and upgrade of the company’s Altogether Recycling Plant in South Adams County. That expansion, with all-new Machinex equipment, increased the plant’s flow-through capacity by 150 percent. This will allow the plant to not only recycle more foam products, but to increase the overall recycling ability of the Denver community.

Alpine received its new INTCO machinery in late August and has spent recent weeks installing, testing and integrating it into the Altogether Recycling single-stream process. Alpine also has been working with local businesses that have an abundance of foam packaging material that they want to try to divert from landfills. Now that the machinery is running, Alpine Waste is now able to collect materials such as egg cartons, meat trays and take-home containers to recycle.

Hopefully, many other recycling companies will follow suit, adopting technologies that allow for the simple and convenient recycling of foam products. By working with local businesses and the community of Denver, Alpine Waste has shown that it is very possible to create a sustainable way to recycle foam.


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