Dart Foam Recycling Center Open in Ada!

Dart Container recently launched new foam recycling drop-off centers in three cities, and Ada, Oklahoma was one of them! The drop-off centers are publicly accessible all day every day and are completely free. Local residents, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to make use of the drop-off centers to recycle their foam. It is important to note that foam, often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam, which is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, is 100% recyclable if recycled correctly. Dart Container is ensuring that no foam is going to waste with their drop-off centers. Director of Recycling at Dart Container Corporation explains that Dart is, “excited to continue opening and promoting free foam drop-off locations throughout the country.”

A common misconception is that foam is not recyclable, so Dart’s goal is to promote that foam labeled with a #6 chasing arrows symbol can be recycled in some communities. Among the items the Dart recycling center will accept are foam cups, foam egg cartons, foam meat trays, foam ice chests, and foam packaging. Once collected, these items can be recycled into many daily household items such as rulers, picture frames, crown modeling, and more.

Before you go out and drop off your foam there are a few things you should do. Double check to make sure what you are trying to recycle is foam with the #6 chasing arrows symbol on it. Then make sure you rinse or wipe foodservice containers so there is no food residue. Remember, do not include any foam packaging peanuts. Also, don’t forget to remove straws, lids, tape or any other non-foam material. Lastly, make sure to deposit the foam in a clear or translucent bag before you take it to the drop-off center.

Once you’ve done all these things you are good to go. Here is the location of the new drop-off facility near you: 401 NE Richardson Loop, Ada, OK 74820