Avon Residents are Concerned About Possible Foam Ban

Avon, Colorado is considering initiating a foam ban starting this September. Elected officials are taking the next two months to get as much information as they can about foam.

Some residents were concerned with the idea of a foam ban and expressed their issues with the town council.

“The prohibitor is that the switch is costing too much,” said resident, Wolf. “And everybody in our town uses them (polystyrene foam).”

The council responded by saying they want to take this process slow to see if this would be the best option for the community.

“It would be nice, from my perspective, to speak with every business and get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from them,” councilmember Fancher said.

Council member Megan Burch said she would rather see an incentive approach than a punitive approach.

An incentive approach is most likely the best idea going forward. Initiating certain education programs or recycling options will not only improve waste, but it will also teach residents about the importance of recycling. Raising awareness and offering certain recycling programs is the most influential decision for a waste free society.

Implementing a ban will not reduce waste. People will still dispose of their trash in the same ways as the banned item. Education programs are vital to break the bad habits of littering and offers a community the chance to live in a waste-free society.

Colorado Foam Bans